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Product Description

  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) is an essential nutrient for healthy metabolism and energy production.*
  • Research indicates that vitamin B3 supports cardiovascular health by promoting good circulation and healthy blood lipid metabolism.*
  • Supplementation with vitamin B3 also supports digestive, nerve, and skin health.*
  • B3-500 is formulated with inositol niacinate, a source of vitamin B3 that is unlikely to cause flushing and other side effects that are associated with high-dose niacin supplementation.*
  • B3-500 does not include binders and fillers that are commonly found in other flush-free or slow-release niacin products.*

Health Benefits

  • Supports cardiovascular, nerve, and skin health*
  • Promotes good circulation and healthy lipid metabolism*
  • Formulated to minimize flushing and other side effects*


Niacin (from 500 mg of inosital niacinate, 455 mg)