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Lith-Oro 20mg


Product Description

Lithium is a trace mineral found throughout the human body.  It plays a role in the regulation of neurotransmitter activity, gene expression, and nerve cell health.*  Supplementation with lithium may support healthy mood, optimal memory, and cognitive function.*  Research suggests that lithium may limit the harmful effects of toxins and oxidative stress on the brain and nervous system.*  Lith-Oro™ contains lithium ororate, a complex of lithium with orotic acid.


Health Benefits


  • Supports brain and nervous system health*
  • Promotes healthy mood, memory, and cognitive function*
  • May limit the harmful effects of toxins and oxidative stress*
  • Formulated with lithium complexes



Lithium (as lithium orotate) Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule, microcrystalline cellulose